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I spent the early years of my career working for various agencies and as a consultant. These years were a sort of Wild West of web design and development. Sometimes web designers also had to manage the email servers. Sometimes they wrote copy and sometimes they also were project managers.

I have worked with small and large businesses and websites. From as large as Hilton Hotels to as small as one person shops online. Everything from local businesses and non-profits to e-commerce sites. B2B and B2C? I got you covered.

For the last 18 years I have run my own shop, working remotely and providing everything from web hosting to design, development, and training, social media, and maintenance of web sites. I write a lot of content.


Spike working
  • Writing content for the web
  • Web site project management
  • Creative designer with an eye for UX/UI
  • SEO and analytics
  • Deep understanding of development and web server administration

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Work. What I do.

Content Writing

Content Design

Content Management

I write content. I create content.

You can read some of my writing.

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Working on SEO is standard practice on sites I build. It should always be a matter of habit for any site work.

Analytics should always be set up and run. Again, as a matter of habit. Trying to do one without the other is sheer folly.

Oh, and I am Google Analytics Certified and Google Ads Search Certified.

SEO and Analytics

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Project Management

Hiking trail in Rocky Mountains

I am an experienced project manager.

Working as the project manager, I gather information, work to analyze needs, evaluate and process information, design and develop the product, and continue this process as their web manager if they choose that path.

Sometimes the path is laid out in a pretty obvious way. Finding the path can be challenging on occasion. It’s my job to locate it, keep everyone on it, and forge a new one if need be.

I’m pretty darn good at it.

What can I do for you?

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Project Management
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Content Strategy

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